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Hojres has gathered mobile application, cloud and IoT development experts with over five years experience to implement your desired platform in no time and extraordinary quality!

Development & Branding all with Hojres Co.

Our Services in one Glance

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You can offer your services/products by web or mobile application

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The company is founded based on IoT platforms and you can deploy or integrate IoT technologies

You can have your personal consultation and appointment scheduling service as a doctor, lawyer … 

Experience is Our Strength

There is no limit to advance technology in Hojres

Continually Updating

No more IT time wasted installing patches or updates manually; no more putting company data at risk because some employees' technologies aren't updated. We pledge that our platforms use the latest technologies available.

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Time Efficiency

Time factor plays really a crucial role in business. Moreover, when you are able to save time you can easily get more out of a business trip. It includes face time with clients, better cost management and some must need relaxation time for themselves. We will set the deadlines in a way to assure your business will launch just in time.

Cost Efficiency

Our company has developed wide range of projects and services. In this regard you won't pay to have your service developed from scrach, in contrast, you will pay to adopt servces to your needs.

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Support & Maintenance

Particular aspects of the service – quality, availability, responsibilities – are agreed between the service provider and the client. The company pledge to conclude the contract with all SLA standards.

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